Natural Language Processing


Many organizations face problem with unstructured text inputs received from their clients via various channels. Usually they process it by a department that manually assigns such input (document, mail, call) to one or more classes or categories. Then the input is processed by a proper department. This approach requires manual human work that is costly and unavailable.

Our Solution

Our NLP engineers applies proper algorithms to replace "manual" processing of any unstructured input. The documents to be classified may be texts, images, music, etc. Each kind of document possesses its special classification problems. When not otherwise specified, we transfer the input into text which classification is most practical. Documents may be classified according to their subjects, content, type or according to other attributes.


Time to Market

We deliver results quickly and iterativelly. Get your prototype within two weeks at minimum costs

High Success Rate

Tailored neural network models a confusion matrices achieve higher success rate than general models


Quick customization of our product for specific client needs and easy integration to any systems

Local languages

Support of a variety of local as well as major languages (e.g. tailored engine for Slavic Languages)


Our conversation engine can speak or chat with graphical elements on any communication channel

Full Analytics

Graphical analytical tools help you to know your actual performance and success rates

Conversation Designer

Visual conversation designer allows you to design, train and enhance your chatbots without IT knowledge

On Premise or Cloud

Our solution can run on your infrastructure or in cloud. We scale licence cost to each client needs


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